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2009-2010 Pre Deposit Contracts

Breeder: Kristin Wiggins

~ 303-246-8954 ~

Breeders Info:

Kristin Wiggins

PMB 176

992 S. 4th Street Suite100/176

Brighton, Colorado 80601

~Make Checks Payable to: Kristin Wiggins~

Date: ____________________

Buyer: ______________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________

Phone: cell: __________________ Home: ________________


For A Companion/Pet

For Future Breeding

Puppy’s Gender choice: Male or Female - ___________

Puppy’s COLOR or Pattern choice: (1st, 2nd & 3rd choices, please!)

Chocolate with Rust/Tan ______

Black with Rust/Tan ______




Stag Red N/A


Harlequin_____________________________________(specify color pattern or ANY)

From what litter, do you want a puppy from? This cannot be guaranteed, you might have to take a puppy for the gender and color/pattern out of another litter.


The Miniature Pinscher DEPOSIT $300 Non Refundable (ADD 3.9% to PAY PAL)

Type of Money Sent: __________________________

Tracking Number#: ___________________________ Date Sent: __________

Keep a copy of this, my response e-mail and receipt from payment via Pay Pal or money order stub for your records, I will also have copies if you lose yours! The remaining amount will be due when the puppy is chosen by 5 weeks of age, you will then get your Puppy Contract. As soon as you choose your new baby it will be marked sold! Welcome to the Min Pin and Harlequin Craze! Kristin

Types of payments accepted: Cash, Money Order or Pay Pal with the 3% fee sent to my Pay Pal account


Details of the Deposit:

~2010 Pre Deposit Policy ~

"Take the guess work out of the whole process, for both breeder and buyer"

I have deiced for 2010 I will start taking deposits BEFORE the litters are due for those of you that are SERIOUS purchasers. For $300 (per puppy) you will be put on the waiting list for the next litter due (this will be NON refundable unless we can't provide you the gender and color chosen), I will then go in order of deposits received. Receipt provided! If there is NOT a puppy in that litter that meets your likes, it will be applied towards the next litter and so on! IF after 3 litters we do not have what you are looking for you may have your deposit back! Or you may wait as long as YOU the buyer wants! I am confident I can produce the gender and colors needed to make everyone's wishes come true (without seeming like a puppy factory) UNDERSTAND, if we have provided the GENDER and COLOR on choices 1, 2, or 3 and you decide to WAIT for the next litter or pass and the next litter comes, and we do not HAVE the gender or color you chose, you CAN go back to the previous litter only if the puppy is still available, if not you have lost your deposit.

IF... you choose NOT you place a deposit before hand, you can still be put on a waiting list. But understand, you will be called AFTER the people with deposits make their picks! This will help make sure I have future homes lined up for my puppies and also help gauge my breeding program! Thanks, Kristin

Buyer Signature: _________________________________ Date: ____________

(You may type it in)

Breeder: Kristin L. Wiggins Date: _____September 9, 2010____________

NEW POLICY – September 2010

Dear Pre Deposit Buyer(s) of future pups,

This is a new policy we are applying to the pre deposit forms and policies already in effect.

After you have placed your pre deposit and your pup is born days, week or months maybe even a year later, we’re requiring a minimum payment of $250 to be paid on the pups at the time he/she arrives in this world and when you are notified of the birth of you gender choice and color or pattern.

We have noticed MANY breeders of this amazing breed have closed up shop and I am OVERWHELMED with emails and phone calls wanting QUALITY dogs.

We have ran into a few this year that have had bigger dreams than their budget can afford and have had issues with getting payments after the WAIT of weeks or months with a PRE DEPOSIT. Our goal is to get all pre deposit filled in a timely fashion. And we expect the funds to be paid PROMTLY for your new little one.

Also, I would like to make clear all payments including the shipping and if you choose ear cropping and altering, needs to be paid in full by 5 weeks of age.

AND.... if you know at the time, I notify you your puppy has arrived and you KNOW you do not have the funds at the time to pay for the puppy or by 5 weeks of age, we can move you to another litter in the future. And your deposit is then non refundable BUT can be transferred to a future puppy. Your request will be placed at the end of the list at that current time and then you will then have to wait for the order the PRE DEPOSITS were placed. We appreciate honesty and the knowledge of your own financial situation. This is the buyer’s responsibility to know this.

I know these are hard times... and we all want a little bundle to keep up our spirits and something to love and squish. But, also remember, so do others on the list. And to be clear, if you cannot afford it, please budget this NOW and let me know! Pups are due soon!

I will email you when they are born and in the order of the Pre Deposits! Please be prepared to pay a minimum of $250 when they are born! We always welcome more or all of the payments.

Thank you very much and if you have ANY questions, please feel free to call or email me with them!

Thank you for understanding our NEW POLICY!

Kiss your PET today!


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